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Family-run, passionate, intensely Italian hand roasted coffee for three generations.

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Founded by the Formisano family in Turin, Italy; Azzurro have been supplying superior quality Italian coffee to the UK for over quarter of a century.

Azzurro also offer other drinks, coffee machines, equipment, and branded supplies.

RoastHQ is proud to be an exclusive supplier of Azzurro coffee. RoastHQ isn’t just about supplying great tea and coffee. We offer a complete solution to enable your business to provide not only premium beverages, but a premium experience to every customer that comes through your doors…



RoastHQ are the exclusive UK supplier of the finest globally sourced tea and coffee brands to cafes, restaurants and hotels of all sizes.



Bespoke packages to ensure you have the right machines and equipment for your business to take care of its customers without compromise.



With our servicing packages, our engineers are always on-hand to ensure that your business remains ready and equipped to serve your customers.



They say nobody’s perfect, but the training we provide on using our products and machines will ensure your staff are the best they can be.



View all of our products, machines, supplies and equipment at our Glasgow showroom. You can also taste-test our premium beverages.



To provide a complete supply solution, we work closely with our suppliers to provide everything you may need – from marketing material to crockery.

Bring Azzurro premium coffee to your product line-up today

The Azzurro Story

Born from the Formisano family’s passion for food and Italian traditions, Azzurro was founded by Sandro Formisano and his father, Mario in Turin. It was here that they worked tirelessly to identify the best beans from across the globe, and created two perfectly-balanced blends: ‘Monza’ and ‘Monte Carlo’. As Azzurro’s heritage blends, they remain a distinguished part of their brand to this day.

Originally from the agricultural Marche region of Italy, both father and son had previously worked in the food industry, supplying UK restaurants with all the best Italian produce and equipment. It was whilst working alongside these restaurants that they soon realised the demand not just for traditional Italian ingredients, but also authentic and outstanding Italian coffee.

Following the launch of Azzurro, Sandro became the UK ambassador for world renowned coffee machine manufacturer, La San Marco. Innovators within the industry and creators of several key technologies in the evolution of coffee making – La San Marco was the perfect place for Sandro to hone his knowledge and passion not just for coffee – but the entire process behind making the perfect espresso.

Today, Azzurro is run by Sandro’s son, Mario Formisano, who splits his time between the UK and Italy – where all Azzurro’s coffee beans continue to be hand-roasted. As a premium lifestyle brand, Azzurro now supplies not only coffee, but also other drinks, supplies and only the best coffee machines and equipment.

Azzurro Coffee

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RoastHQ offer a range of Azzurro coffee to suit every palate, in both beans and ground form. Azzurro blend the very finest coffee from Italy, ready for us to supply to cafes, restaurants and hotels across the globe.

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Azzurro Monza Beans

Our rich Monza blend will not only give you a real kickstart to your day, but also be the perfect end to your meal. Its smooth aromatic taste is derived from the best beans in the world. Monza is a very versatile blend, ideal for all coffee connoisseurs.

Box Quantity: 10 x 1kg

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Azzurro Monte Carlo Beans

Our medium strength Monte Carlo offers an indulgent smooth velvet aftertaste for round-the-clock enjoyment. An equal balance of Arabica and Robusta beans that provide a generous level of caffeine and produce a rich, thick crema.

Box Quantity: 10 x 1kg

Coffee Machines

RoastHQ work with industry leading manufacturers from around the world, to bring you a wide range of traditional and automatic machines.

For hotel customers we offer both bulk brew, and in-room pod solutions. We buy at the highest discounted rate, which means we can guarantee our customers a competitive quote every time.

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La San Marco 2020 Space

A more compact version of the 20/20 Classic – Perfect for cafes and restaurants with limited space, while still delivering the same great performance.

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Julius Meinl Rancillo Class 5

Industrially inspired, functional minimalism and a contemporary aesthetic. Reliable and high performing thermal system, the perfect machine for low to mid-range coffee volumes.

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La San Marco 100E

Boasting a number of smart features and tech which deliver exceptional value for money. The machines exposed groups also make it a very easy machine to work on with pre-infusion making even better espresso.

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La San Marco 105E

Designed for ease of use using it’s electronic keypad, and boasting high quality performance from La San Marco’s latest technology. One of few models where the flow variator allows you to modify the brewing temperature in every group.

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Julius Meinl Rancillo Class 7

Absolute reliability, sleek lines, and innovative features are what the Class 7 is known for. A model specifically designed to take the market by storm with its strong personality and flawless consistency.

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La San Marco D.CT

Designed for baristas who prefer simplicity of use, as there is no need for temperature management of the individual groups. D.CT allows temperatures to be differentiated through La San Marco’s patented system, which uses 4-position flow regulators to adapt the temperature of each extraction group.

Available with 2 and 3 dispenser groups.

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XLVI Steamhammer 2 Group

Handmade in Italy, every XLVI stands out for its design and for the consistency of hardwearing, eye-catching materials like steel, copper and brass. No plastic, just quality components put together with sartorial precision.

Available with 1, 2 and 3 dispenser groups – Custom spec. made to order.

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La San Marco Leva Luxury

Multi-boiler technology, applied for the first time on a lever machine. Features individual temperature control for each dispensing group and is extremely precise.
A stunning machine with a tempered glass body and integrated multicolour LED lighting system.

Available with 2 and 3 dispenser groups.

coffee image

La San Marco Leva V6

Features the latest LEVA class technology, lever extraction and available only in 6 group version with 4 steam wands. A painted hydroformed steel and tempered glass chassis highlights the exclusive technology, the advanced components and meticulous precision of the internal workings. Perfect for large volume operators.

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Julius Meinl Impresso Capsule/Pod Machine

A compact capsule coffee machine with contemporary design and modern smooth lines. Designed to fit into small spaces, saving valuable counterspace. Utilising the Nespresso system, Impresso is perfect for hotel rooms, home use and small offices.

coffee image

Animo 2 x 10ltr

ComBi-line machines offer the possibility of making large quantities of coffee in a short time. A ComBi-line set-up is a combination of one or two continuous flow water heaters, and one or two containers. The containers can be placed on a buffet, counter or serving trolley.

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Dr Coffee Automatic

The F11 series are small in size but big on flavour, with innovative fresh brewing technology. These stylish compact machines deliver a range of high quality, rich tasting coffee. Ideal for small offices, meeting rooms and breakfast areas.

Also available with 8L water tank and other options.

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Dr Coffee Plus Automatic

F2 Plus is a commercial, fully automatic machine for restaurants, breakfast areas, bakeries, hotels, cafes and big offices. This machine has a strong coffee & milk performance that reaches professional barista level.

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Egro Next Automatic

Perfect coffee every time, outstanding performance, compact design and advanced ergonomics. An easy-to-use, 10.1 inch, full colour touchscreen interface ensures simple, quick operation every time.

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La San Marco SM92 Smart Grinder

Smart technology designed and developed in the R&D department at La San Marco, the SM92 is equipped with two infra-red sensors and detection software that automatically measures the ground coffee according to the porta filter basket used. All smart tech grinders have the new hands-free option included as a standard feature.

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Julius Meinl Fiorenzato 664 Evo Grinder

Super-fast electronic coffee grinder with touchscreen Display and CapSense technology.

coffee image

Mythos Grinder

High speed grind dispersion, 3 programmable doses with dinamometric tamper, giving greater consistency.

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Grinder XLVI

Grinder group in hardened steel or titanium coated. Plastic hopper suitable for contact with food products. Coffee dispensing spout directly to the filter holder.

One Brand. Two Roasts, and So Much More

When purchasing Azzurro coffee from RoastHQ, you’re not just buying in to coffee. You’re buying in to brand that offers a plethora of beverages, consumables, point of sale material, glass-wear, accessories, machines and so much more. The foundations of Azzurro’s heritage lie in in its two signature blends…

MONTE CARLO appeals to a delicate palate, offering a pleasing, strong flavour in medium strength with a smooth finish. Sourced from one of Italy’s finest, most reputable suppliers using the finest quality beans from around the world, Monte Carlo comprises 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta. This blend is a highly popular choice.

MONZA is perfect for coffee connoisseurs. This smooth, aromatic, rich blend is full flavoured with plenty of body and depth, complemented by strong, earthy tones. Monza is sourced from one of the most discerning suppliers in Italy, using the finest quality beans from around the world, comprising 70% Arabica to 30% Robusta.

Azzurro – So Much More than Just Coffee

At RoastHQ we don’t just supply Azzurro coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other beverages. We want to give your customers a seamless and fully branded experience in every aspect of product, delivery and marketing. With that in mind, RoastHQ doesn’t just offer drinks…

We can supply a range of different coffee machines and everything you could need for the preparation of drinks for your consumers. Whether it’s a pod-based machine, a full barista set-up or a strikingly beautiful state-of-the-art Steamhammer machine – we’ve got you covered. We can even offer bespoke training and maintenance packages.

We know that brand awareness is just as important as the product and service that you offer your consumers. With that in mind, we offer a comprehensive range of consumables, glass-wear, marketing material and even branded fixtures and fittings to compliment your choice of coffee offering. Your customers will know exactly what they’re drinking and where to come for more!